Suffering from Postural Strain?

Postural strain is a massive cause of injuries that present to Sports & Spinal Albury.  Why I hear you ask? Modern day society has us spending many hours in the same posture with little variation in this posture. Sitting is commonly the culprit, mainly due to our dependence on computers, vehicles and TV’s. You see the human body was designed to move….and move a lot….in various different ways. But all too often this is not what happens.

Postural strain often begins as stiffness, before slowly progressing to a more distinct pain that is often present when adopting the position that caused the strain in the first place.  The strain can range from being a little annoying to completely debilitating.

Osteopaths are trained to look at the body holistically and thus looking at all these other contributing areas is something that comes naturally to us.  Treatment will aim to not only improve the function of the strained area but also addressing the other areas that may be increasing the strain on these areas.  We believe that treating the problem AND it’s underlying cause is the best way to restore healthy joint function.

Common presenting complaints as a result of postural strain that we see here at Sports & Spinal Albury are:

  • Headaches

  • Neck pain & stiffness

  • Back pain & stiffness

  • Hip pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Referred pain/sciatica

Osteopath Albury Wodonga - Postural Strain

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